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# 1 Security - How to secure your ServiceNow environment

How can we continuously evaluate the safety on our ServiceNow environment? Join this Breakout Session and get inspiration af how to secure your ServiceNow when Kim goes in-depth with; Web App Security, HealthScan, and Instance Security Center!

# 2 Keep your CMDB up-to-date with Data Certification

We have a CMDB but are unsure if we can rely on the information in it. Our Disaster Recovery plan requires that we understand how business-critical our systems are, but no one has updated the plan since it was made. Does this sounds familiar to you? Then join this Breakout Session where Christian Osbahr takes a closer look at the many benefits of the Data Certification Framework.

# 3 CSDM 3.0 in practice - from theory to tool

Why is CSDM so difficult to apply in practice? How do we get started and what are the reallife experiences with using the CSDM methodology? In this Breakout Session Hans Ole focuses on CSDM in practice and explains how to apply the methodology in reallife and benefit from it.

# 4 Re-implementation in practice - how to stick to OOTB

What does OOTB means for your business? What are the benefits, and what should you pay extra attention to when moving from customized to 'out of the box' standard solutions? Join thus Session where Mikkel and Mikkel takes a closer look at OOTB and discuss advantages and limitations.

# 5 Integrations and eBonding in HyperSpeed

Have you been involved in long-term integration projects that extend over weeks, months, years, and would you rather be able to make integrations with your partners according to a self-service model? So tighten your seatbelt and participate in this Breakout Session, where Jesper explains how you can do that.

# 6 Scoped applications - do's & don'ts

Why use Scoped Applications in your ServiceNow and is it necessary at all? How to get started, and what should you pay attention to? Learn about do's & don'ts when Christian Graabæk makes a deep-dive into Scoped Applications.

# 7 Telephony integration - make it easy for your first liners

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All our Breakout Session will be in Danish with English subtitles

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