Monitoring of IT services and applications

With a monitoring solution the company can monitor in-house and external services, applications, and items. Monitor for example the state of the IT environment, the company's machines, robots, or other critical components for the operation. Overviews and alarms from components can give early indications of problems. Simultaneously, the surveillance can help to quick diagnosing, which in some cases can completely defuse a critical failure.

Through intuitive dashboards and alarms from a monitoring solution, you are always updated on the state of the company's vital systems. Red-yellow-green indicators give a great overview of the relevant items and applications. In addition, separate alarms can be activated, so critical states always receive the necessary attention.

The tools we use for monitoring are among others:

Which of your critical systems are advisable to monitor?

Examples of monitored applications and services:

  • Servers
  • IT applications, among others mail, ERP
  • Databases
  • Print
  • Websites
  • Payment systems
  • Robots
  • Production units
  • Storage systems
  • Machines, and more

Handling of alarms and incidents

If you use a service management solution, alarms from the monitoring solution can be part of the service management solution as incidents. By doing so, you achieve a coherent system, wherefrom the total prioritising, allocation, and follow-up can happen.

By connecting an automation tool, as for instance Orchestrator, to the monitoring solution, you will furthermore could get the system itself to repair chosen problems and errors.

The collected data from the monitoring solution are saved, so history can constitute the basis for a more forward-looking estimation of the single items and applications.

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