HR Service Management

Surveys show that HR employees, including decision-takers in the HR department, daily spend a lot of hours handling and answering routine inquires on phone and e-mail.

By digitalising and automating the handling of inquiries there is released time in HR and the company's employees experience a quick and efficient treatment of cases. ServiceNow offers user-friendly and effective tools to support the company's HR services and create overview in the entire HR organisation.

By systematizing the inquiries in ServiceNow, responses and solutions can be directed, organised, and in some cases automated. The HR organisation's efficiency goes up, and the users experience that it becomes simpler to submit inquiries and quickly receive response.

The HR Portal in ServiceNow

All HR services are in "Employee Service Center", which is an employee portal that can be reached through both PC and mobile devices.

The shown range of services can be monitored through the employee's affiliation and other parameters. The HR portal gives among other things the employee access to:

  • HR service catalogue
  • Sending of questions to HR
    • For manual reply
    • For automated treatment
  • Tracking of already submitted cases
  • Knowledge base
  • Tasks for the employee
  • Chat with HR

The HR portal can be combined with the IT portal, so the user receives the same experience, whether they order services from IT, HR or other departments in the company.

Workflows for HR processes

Often, processes are laid down for what should happen in certain situations and who has the responsibility for a given activity or part-process. Without supporting tools, it can be a challenge and time consuming to maintain control of the situation in a tight schedule.

As an example, it applies to "the onboarding process", when a new employee is hired. PC and phone are ordered, a workplace is cleared up, introduction meetings are planned, and many other things are initiated, usually to a tight timetable. It can be challenging to maintain control of so many tasks involving a variety of employees in the organisation.

With ServiceNow it becomes simple to control the process, and at the same time a great many of the process' parts could be automated in part or in toto. For instance, the employees can get the possibility of making decisions on their own between allowed PC's and phones, and orders can happen completely automated at the supplier - with or without allowance from a superior.

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HR processes

ServiceNow can control all relevant processes and be integrated with other solutions and systems. Among the most often supported HR processes in ServiceNow are:

  • Onboarding process
  • Offboarding process
  • Change of job function
  • Change of information
  • Leave of absence

In Syspeople, we have experience with how different HR flows work and bring the most value. Often an integration to other solutions, e.g. HR solutions, ERP systems, etc., will also contribute to a more efficient process. We would like to help you along the way and give feedback on, how you with advantage can systematise and automate.

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