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Customer service with ServiceNow

With a ServiceNow solution for customer support and service, your organisation will have the ideal tools to render the optimum service for the company's customers.

With a unique overview and tools for systematizing, prioritizing, and acting, ServiceNow provides your employees with knowledge and information, so they can act proactively and be on the spot, when it counts.

With ServiceNow, the customer has access to a customer portal, which gives the customer access to all relevant resources, including information about the customer's devices and services, guides and trouble-shooting, support, booking of visits from technician/fitter, and more.

This makes the workflow more efficient, as you have all relevant data at hand.

User-friendly customer portal

ServiceNow's Customer Service application offers a user-friendly and service-oriented customer portal, where you choose the look and information that is at the customer's disposal. A number of functions are prepared, including:

  • Creation of cases
  • Status of open cases
  • Planned work
  • History of service and items
  • Knowledge base
  • Operation Status
  • Community / discussion forums

The service portal works as a "Single Point of Contact" and can facilitate all the customer's needs for contact, orders, insight, collaboration, warning, status overview, self-service, reporting, etc.

Field Service

Field Service in ServiceNow gives access to handling job assignments for technicians, fitters or salespeople, who are on the move:

Mobile interface

The mobile interface is designed for the service technician's needs. The technician can by mobile or tablet quickly get access to all relevant information about customers and cases. It is also easy through the mobile interface to report time and add details on items and cases. Correspondingly, the employee in the field can easily accept or decline tasks, follow time of transport, working hours, among other things.

When a job is complete, the technicians can via a mobile device receive a receipt/signature for work done at the customer, and when the visit comes to an end, there can be send a questionnaire to the customer.


In the office, tasks out of the house can be managed from competences, time of transport, priority, and which resources, there are available. With the drag and drop functionality, it is simple to plan and re-plan calendars and visits, both planned and not planned service.


As in the remaining part of the customer service application, customers have access to the customer portal, where they unassisted can find answers on cases or help for troubleshooting and access their own information and cases. They can also via the online ticket system book visits or services.

Stock control

In addition, stock control of repair units and billing as a demand arises are an integrated part of the Field Management application. It is e.g. possible to both draw and reserve products and predict, when reordering should happen.

Directory and statistics

A lot of options for directories and summaries are enclosed - both in numbers and graphics to contribute to an overview and optimization of services. Naturally, all of it can easily be tailored to your company's specific needs.

Meet your customers on their preferred medium

The Customer Service application in ServiceNow gives your customers the possibility of choosing the method of contact. They can freely choose to communicate through the following media:

  • E-mail
  • Web
  • Phone
  • Chat
  • Text message
  • Social media

Customer inquiries are directed instantly - via ServiceNow - to an employee with the relevant qualifications and field of responsibility.

Monitoring and handling of "major issues"

The Major Issue Management functionality in ServiceNow makes sure that you can respond instantly, when problems arise. The feature makes it possible to quickly identify affected customers, send information, and handle and solve the issue efficiently.

Tools, which constantly monitor services, are placed at the customer's disposal. System status is in general views, which the customer can reach through the customer portal.

Quick response with automations and machine learning

With ServiceNow you can use automations to handle various customer inquiries. An inquiry can generate an automatic response, based on the content in the message form the customer. You can also create automations that can solve problems without involving employees in the organisation - for instance changing a password or creating a new user. Such automations will release a lot of time and ressources in the Customer Support Centre and ensure your customers get the help they need immediately without delay.

Human assisted machine learning

With "human assisted machine learning" the system is capable of picking up the user's aggregate actions and  predict the most likely response. As an example, if the customer creates a case in which "invoice" is mentioned, ServiceNow can over time monitor, that inquiries with the word "invoice" typically are sent to the bookkeeping department and thereby deduce that inquiries with this word automatically should be directed to finance.

This process speeds up the response on customer inquiries considerably and places less heavy demands for categorizing the inquiry.

Overview of the customer's set up

With ServiceNow there is the possibility of a detailed registration of the customer's items, services and connection of systems.

The registration is done in ServiceNow's CMDB (Configuration Management Database). Here is all relevant information of the customer's installation and services together with relations to other services. With an updated CMDB your organisation gets the overview of the customer's set up and thereby the tools for always reacting quickly and deliver a second to none service.

You can also open for monitoring of the customer's technical set up, both through ServiceNow and extern solutions. By this, you ensure that bugs are quickly identified and, in some cases, completely avoided.

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In Syspeople we have focus on bringing value to your project. We believe that the most successful customer service management solutions are developed with both the customer and the business in mind. Our specialists contribute to bring all different perspectives to the table, both your business' goals and your customer's, by asking the right questions and challenging your current state of mind and status quo. In that way we can contribute to making your solution even better.

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