Optimize the use of your CMDB

CMDB can be described as the life nerve in any IT service organisation. With an updated CMDB you give your organisation the best tools to deliver outstanding service and at the same time ensure optimal efficiency. An updated CMDB will have a significant impact on all the service management processes in your organisation.

What is CMDB?

CMDB stands for Configuration Management Database and contains all relevant information about your IT environment.

The items, which are included in CMDB, are named Configuration Items or shortly CI's.

Configuration Items (CI's) typically consist if the following elements: Hardware, software, documentation, governance, and the services, which are delivered to the business. In addition, there is information of how the individual items, solutions, and services are interconnected. CMDB can in many cases also contain intelligence of who in the organisation that has the responsibility in relation to the systems in question.

The graphic shows the elements in the CMDB in general terms.

How to construct your CMDB in ServiceNow

Many people believe that a CMDB project is both long-running and comprehensive. Syspeople recommends an approach, where the project is split up into logical units, making it possible to finish subprojects as you go along. This approach makes the process manageable and iterative and you will continually see progress in the project. With the right angle of approach and project model, the project will become both achievable and clear.

Identify your business services

An excellent method for structuring and ensure usability is to use your business services as a starting point. In that way you can design the CMDB so its reflect the services your IT organisation delivers.

A business service is designed based on the service being delivered to a user - as an example mail or ERP - and is described from technologies and configuration items (CI's) as well as their connections.

Simple identification of errors with CMDB

A significant and often applied part of CMDB is the relations between the individual items. When the relations and all the system connections are documented in CMDB and linked with your monitoring, error diagnostics and troubleshooting become considerably easier.

Locate the error with vertical maps in CMDB

With access to directories of business services combined with monitoring, you will get the entire overview. When a user reports an error on, for instance, mail, it will often be immediately visible in the vertical overview of that business service. The overview will display any errors that may arise from your monitoring solution - in the case to the right, an error on a mailbox server.

Errors can be prioritised by "Impact" - to what degree the error has an impact on the organisation, since it will be visible which business services that are affected by the error. The priority will for that reason typically happen from, how essential the business service affected is.

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Manual or automated update of CMDB

The challenge of manual updates

Many people choose to update CMDB manually. It can give a reasonably thumbnail sketch of the company's items and construction of network. But what happens, when changes are made? Is it possible to get all changes documented in the CMDB?

In practice, experience show that is very difficult to keep the CMDB updated manually.

CI's and relations continuously change in connection to maintenance and error recovery. It speaks for a more automated approach to the maintenance of CMDB.

There are also examples of CI's consisting of e.g. virtual machines and environments that change over time depending on strains.

Furthermore, the picture does not become less complex on the fact that a great deal of environments consists of both on-site, cloud, and hybrid solutions.

Automated update of CMDB

There are several options available for automated update of CMDB. ServiceNow has the application "Discovery", which automatically examines the network and registers and updates both items and relations.

When your CMDB is updated automatically it minimizes the risks and you get an adequate and realistic overview of your items and networks - even with less work effort.

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