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ServiceNow is a world leading Enterprise Solution that helps drive every part of your digital transformation.

What is ServiceNow?

ServiceNow is an end-to-end Service Management solution that is both intuitive and simple to implement. It supports most functions within IT Service Management, also referred to as ITSM, as well as other areas such as customer service and shared services, including HR services.

With a ServiceNow solution you get efficient tools that help the workflows of both management, service team and service takers.

World leading enterprise solution

In recent years, ServiceNow has become one of the world leading enterprise solutions, and is widely utilized by various medium sized and large companies both Denmark and the rest og the world. Due to a strong functionality and intuitive design, ServiceNow has become one of the most preferred solutions for incident management as well as problem, change, and release management. ServiceNow is a cloud-based platform and is delivered with a wide range of ready-made applications.

See the list of applications in the figure down the page.

Applications in ServiceNow

Figure: ServiceNow consists of a wide range of applications. The classic ITSM functions lie in incident, problem, change, and asset in the top left corner. Besides that, there is in the top green area applications to the remainder in-house services as well as customer support. The in-house operation organisation is in the bottom right area, while the supporting tools to the business processes are shown in the black area.

Which ServiceNow license should we choose?

ServiceNow offers a wide range of functionalities and applications. This means you, with a ServiceNow solution, get effective tools for both management, service teams and service takers.

With a ServiceNow solution, you can continuously expand with more applications and functionality, so that your solution fits your specific needs. It is also possible to build individual applications in ServiceNow or use 3rd party solutions. In this way, you get a flexible solution that is both future-proof and scalable.

The right solution for your company

At Syspeople, we ensure that you get the serviceNow license that fits your specific needs. If you already have a serviceNow solution, we offer to do a Service Check, where we review your existing solution and investigate what actions are needed to achieve your goals.

Integrate with ServiceNow

In most companies it is beneficial to integrate ServiceNow with other IT solutions. It means that the IT department's total pool of tasks can be monitored through ServiceNow. Thereby ServiceNow creates a coherent and efficient IT environment.
Examples of IT integrations to ServiceNow:

  • Monitoring and security solutions
  • Automation solutions
  • SMS solutions
  • ERP Solutions

Create value with integration to ServiceNow

In Syspeople, we have significant experience with ServiceNow. Where it makes sense, we can integrate your solutions. As Microsoft Gold Partner, we are experienced in Microsoft technologies and integration to ServiceNow.

Get started with ServiceNow today

At Syspeople, we make sure you get started with ServiceNow quickly and get the best possible solution, bu using many of ServiceNow's "out of the box" features. With the right approach, you can achieve great functionality with relatively simple means.

With best-practice implementation tools and built-in guided setup, we ensure a safe and systematic implementation.

ServiceNow Premier partner

At Syspeople we are ServiceNow Premier Partner. We have some of the best ServiceNow specialists in Denmark. So if you are looking for a competent Danish partner within ServiceNow – then don't hesitate to contact us on phone +45 7034 5657 or info@syspeople.dk.

Succeed with ServiceNow

At Syspeople you can expect a partner who helps to see the goals from different perspectives, both with the IT department and the business goals in mind.

Syspeople is supports you in achieving your goals. We are also a partner who asks questions and challenges you. This brings you and us to the best possible solution, and together we bring the greatest value to your organization.

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