With a ServiceNow solution you get efficient tools to both management, service team and service takers.

ServiceNow is widely applied to:

What is ServiceNow?

ServiceNow is an end-to-end Service Management solution that is both intuitive and simple to implement. It supports most functions within IT Service Management, also referred to as ITSM, and there are likewise popular applications in ServiceNow to support of both customer service and shared services, including HR services.

In recent years, ServiceNow has met with impressive growth and spread in both Denmark and the rest og the world. By virtue of a strong functionality, ServiceNow has become one of the most preferred solutions for incident management as well as problem, change, and release management. ServiceNow is a cloud-based platform and is delivered with a big range of ready and set applications. See the list of applications in the figure down the page.

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Applications in ServiceNow

Figure: ServiceNow consists of a wide range of applications. The classic ITSM functions lie in incident, problem, change, and asset in the top left corner. Besides that, there is in the top green area applications to the remainder in-house services as well as customer support. The in-house operation organisation is in the bottom right area, while the supporting tools to the business processes are shown in the black area.

Choose a license that fits your needs

At Syspeople, we guarantee through counselling that you get the license that fits your needs. As the figure above indicates, ServiceNow comes with a wide and deep functionality. The solution can continuously be expanded with more applications and functionality.

It is also possible to build individual applications in ServiceNow or apply third party solutions.

Generate value with ITSM

ServiceNow is suitable to support the operations of your entire IT organisation.

For most IT departments it is about creating value, both internally in the IT operations and for the entire company. It involves that the number of mistakes, which hits the users in the organisation, must be minimised. That is why your IT operations must have the right tools to create structure and give access to efficiently treating incidents as well as requests from the organisation.

With the right tools your operations can handle and prioritise between the many daily requests and incidents, which can demand quick action. ServiceNow helps you all the way, so the work becomes both easy to inspect and go to, and you IT organisation will get the tools to deliver an efficient and competent service to the company.

Optimise your output of CMDB in ServiceNow

It is in ServiceNow's Configurations Management Database (CMDB) that all information of your devices/assets is saved.

Give your organisation the tools to deliver unequalled service and ensure optimal operation and efficiency.

Read about approach and method to creating succes with CMDB.

Want to know more?

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Co-operation for building up your ServiceNow

At Syspeople, you can expect a partner, who contributes to seeing the goals from all angles with both the IT department and the business' goals in sight.

Syspeople is there first and foremost for you and supports you in your goals. We are also a partner, who asks questions and challenges you. By it both you and we come the furthest in the process, and together we bring the greatest value to your organisation.

Feel free to contact us for a dialogue. Use the contact form to the left or give us a call on +45 7034 5657.

Create a coherent environment

In most companies there would be advantages connected to make ServiceNow talk to other IT solutions. It means that the IT department's total pool of tasks can be monitored through ServiceNow. Thereby coherent and efficient workflows are achieved.

Examples of IT integrations to ServiceNow:

  • Monitoring and security solutions
  • Automation solutions
  • SMS solutions
  • ERP Solutions

Create value with integration to ServiceNow

In Syspeople, we have significant experience with ServiceNow. Where it makes sense, we can integrate your solutions. As Microsoft Gold Partner, we are experienced in Microsoft technologies and integration to ServiceNow.

ServiceNow new strategy

ServiceNow have introduced a strategy, which both rethinks the solution's and the user's role. ServiceNow is no longer just an IT platform, but in a higher degree a user experience platform. The solution should put the user in the centre and contribute to the digital transformation.

Under the slogan "Make the world work, work better for people" the new strategy was introduced. Hear more about ServiceNow and the strategy in this video, where we challenge ServiceNow's Greg Petroff, Global Head of Design, on the elements of the new strategy.

Quick start up

Syspeople ensures that you get busy with ServiceNow and get the best output of the many "out of the box" features that exist. With the right approach you can gain great functionality with relatively simple measures.

With best practice tools for implementing and build-in guiding setup, we ensure you a secure and systematic implementation.

Syspeople counts some of the sharpest competences within ServiceNow in Denmark. Do you seek a competent Danish partner within ServiceNow? Then make contact to Syspeople on phone +45 7034 5657 or