Monitoring with Operations Manager - SCOM

With System Center Operations Manager, also called SCOM, both IT operation, robots, machines and other equipment can be monitored from central distance. Through dashboards and red-yellow-green indicators, a quick overview is achieved of where to set in, and alarms can be sent to relevant persons.

Monitoring with SCOM

Whether it is IT, other devices or services that are monitored, System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) is one of the most acknowledged solutions in the field of monitoring. Via alarms and easy to inspect green-yellow-red indicators, you get insight in the state of the monitored units and applications. It means that your service organisation and operations get a good general view of where there are matters that should be corrected. In many cases it will even be possible to anticipate that users experience critical failure, since the system often will detect irregularities on beforehand.

Besides preventing critical failures, a SCOM solution will also could contribute to a significantly more structured daily life for the employees, who have the responsibility for the operation of the equipment in question. SCOM will with the right setup could point out with great precision which circumstances that should be reacted upon, and which that are not essential. By doing so, a monitoring solution could also contribute to a higher efficiency in your service organisation and operations.

Monitor all
critical systems

Examples of units and applications SCOM can monitor

A SCOM solution can be applied to monitor lots of units, solutions and services. Here are som examples of devices, it can monitor.

IT systems

  • Servers
  • IT applications, among others mail and ERP
  • Databases
  • Print
  • Websites and payment systems

Other units

  • Production units
  • Robots
  • Storage systems
  • Machines
  • Wind turbines and more

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Integrate your SCOM solution with service management

SCOM can great incidents directly in your service management solution. By integrating service management with SCOM, you get a coherent system wherefrom the total prioritisation, allocation and follow-up can happen.

SCOM is part of the System Center Suite. If you apply Service Manager from System Center, then there would be a nice integration between the two products. SCOM can also be integrated with other service management solutions, including ServiceNow.

The collected data from the monitoring solution are saved, so history can constitute the basis of a more forward-looking estimation of the individual units, devices or applications.

SCOM and other solutions

SCOM integrates nicely into other solutions. Read more about related subjects here:


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