Syspeople takes responsibility

With business insight and deep technical knowledge, Syspeople takes responsibility for creating value for your project and your company with ServiceNow and related technologies.


Syspeople is a partner, who first and foremost is there for you. We are also a partner, who asks questions and challenges you. By doing so you and we will come furthest in the process and bring real value to your organisation.


Syspeople implements projects with high accuracy and projects are delivered within scheduled time and with maximal business-related value for your company.

It is only possible, because we with out framework and governance model have excellent management tools. We apply an agile project model build upon ServiceNow's delivery model. Each project is divided into sub-projects. Order and prioritization of the individual sub-elements are determined by the commercial value, the project adds to your company. Targets and temporal demarcations will be set to each sub-project, and we will at completion assist to ensure that you receive the expected yield of the solution. Both you and Syspeople will always have a full overview of the project.


Examples of undocumented solutions are many, and due to the setup and solution architecture it may prove problematic later to add changes. Syspeople makes orderly solutions, which are future-proof and can be adjusted as the needs of the company changes, both by you, by Syspeople, or by a third party. It is part of our governance structure. It also means that we do not make spaghetti solutions with no overview of the consequences changes have elsewhere in the system. Documentation is met in correspondence with your wishes.

Besides, orderliness is a keyword for us - both in solutions and in our approach to the surrounding world.


At Syspeople, all projects are delivered by a team consisting of solution architects, technical soundly-based developers and a project manager. As a customer you will experience us as an active team player and facilitator of a digital transformation based on the accumulated knowledge of the entire team. All contributors are carefully selected on skills and values. Even though we in Syspeople are growing, we do not compromise on the skills of future employees. It ensures that we deliver the right service to our customers.