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We continuously look for employees. At the present time, the following jobs are advertised:

► Solution Architect ServiceNow

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Do you have experience with Service Management?

Syspeople is a company run by people, who all are passionate and preoccupied with delivering the best service management solution on the market.

We are growing and we look for new employees with competences within Service Management or our product line, ServiceNow, on an ongoing basis. It applies to both solution architects and developers.

If you have experience with ServiceNow or related products, we would be very pleased to hear from you on, or fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Teamwork in Syspeople

In Syspeople, we have chosen a team-oriented approach to all projects. It means that all projects are carried out by a team consisting of solution architects, technical well-founded developers, and a project manager. It is the team that together shape the specialist foundation for delivering the best possible solution to the customer.

Each subprojects is solved by the person in the team, who are best positioned to solve the particular task. It is also the accumulated knowledge in the project team that form the basis for the advising of the customer and for delivering the right solution to the customer.

We work out of an agile project model, which builds upon ServiceNow's delivery model.

Integrity and a good framework

In Syspeople, we wish to create the framework for a really good workplace. Besides contributing to your professional and personal development, we prioritise to create a good framework for collaboration, teamwork, and good collegiate conduct. We try to in all circumstances to act with orderliness in relation to other and in the solutions, we deliver to our customers.

You will experience a passionate and co-operation-oriented company, which is evangelical about creating efficient solutions for all customers. We focus on ensuring that all our customers are satisfied.

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