Syspeople - an experienced ServiceNow partner

Syspeople are specialists in service management and digital transformation. We offer you some of Denmark's most incisive competences in the field.

Syspeople's services

Syspeople offers value-creating solutions based on acknowledged technologies in the field of service management. Our solutions are targeted companies' IT and operations functions, customer service and shared service.

We take responsibility
With business insight and deep technical know-how, Syspeople takes responsibility for creating value for your project and your organisation.

Digital transformation
As an active partner and facilitator of digital transformation, we will together with you create solutions that strengthens cooperation and business value in your company.

With Syspeople as a partner you get integrated solutions within ServiceNow and Microsoft's suite of products, including System Center, Azure, and more.

A team of specialists

At Syspeople, we have chosen a collaborative approach to all our projects. This means that all our projects are solved by a team of Solution Architects, Developers and a Project Manager. It is the team that together forms the specialist foundation to provide the best possible solution for our customers.

Each subproject is solved by the person in the team who is best equipped to perform the specific task. It is also the accumulated knowledge of the entire project team that forms the basis for advising our customers and for providing the right solution. In this way we ensure that our customers get the best and most value adding solution.

How we work in Syspeople

We work from an agile project model based on ServiceNow's delivery model. With an agile project model and dedicated competencies, a team of highly motivated and competent people ensure that your project goals are achieved and your project succeed.

Our entire project model is built up with the purpose of giving you the greatest possible success with your project.

Our approach

You will experience Syspeople as a partner, who gives the highest priority to you and your business' goals, and a partner, who challenges you on approach and solution.

Syspeople is experts in integrating Microsoft's product suite with ServiceNow to a total solution, which gives you IT department the complete overview and possibility to act.

Experts in service management

At Syspeople, you get access to specialists in at least one of the fields: Service management, monitoring or automation. Syspeople's employees have focus on creating a coherent IT environment functioning across the different platforms, so it creates the greatest possible value for your company and your IT organisation.

We meet you with interest, passion and integrity. We wish to contribute to that you get the best solution.

Our mission

In Syspeople, we wish to make a difference for our customers' business,
and we wish to create a great workplace for all our employees.
We aim:

To create a fantastic place to work, an environment which ensures work-life balance and personal development. To be an essential and indespensable partner to our customers, who contributes to make a positive difference for our customer's business and their employees' working conditions and tasks.

Syspeople - a healthy business

Børsen Gazelle and AAA credit rating

At Syspeople we experience a positive growth. In 2019, for the third year in a row, we were named Gazelle by the national financial paper in Denmark – Børsen and at Dun & Bradstreet we have an AAA credit rating. A positive development for which we can thank both our customers and employees.

Quality and happy employees

Although we grow, we never compromise our values. This means that we still have to be a really good workplace for our employees and that we deliver quality and the best possible solutions to our customers every day.

Need help with your digital transformation?

Best possbile solution

If you are interested in learning more about ServiceNow, service management, monitoring or automation in your company, please feel free to contact us for an informal talk.

We like to have a dialogue and provide input and sparring, whether you already have a solution or you are considering what is the right choice for you.

If you already have a solution, you can also ask us to do a Service Check.

Give us a call, send an email or find one of our specialists.

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